Cut the Slack, Pocket the Savings

Cut the Slack, Pocket the Savings!

So here’s how I put $3,380 back into my pocket this year and forever with minimal work.

Let’s talk about ‘bills’ for a second. I’m talking about those pesky periodic bills.  Yes, everyone has them. Some bills are necessary and to some degree inevitable and an unavoidable part of life (i.e. utility, taxes, insurance, etc.). On the other hand, we all have those often unnecessary bills that siphon away our hard earned cash like clock-work, often paid automatically and forgotten.

In the past, I didn’t mind paying for certain creature-features that I perceived to bring me comfort: like cable, cell phone, internet, car, dining, memberships to this or that, you name it. I worked hard so I wanted to enjoy it. Comfort, however, comes at a price in the form of a monthly bill.

Shortly after the time I nearly inflated my lifestyle, I took a good hard look at my monthly spending. I reviewed every bill I paid to see where I can reduce or eliminate.  I knew that if I want financial independence I had to shift my priorities. I had to reduce my level of consumption. It was simple math. Read more