Take Control of Your Personal Finances

Truly a powerful tool!
Truly a powerful tool!

The first desktop computer I bought myself was a Sony Vaio. It came in this really hideous color with a large CRT monitor and tower.

It ran Windows ’98.  Like all store bought computers, it had its fair share of bloatware—which is pre-installed software you don’t ask for.

One software in particular that I took the time to figure out, though, made my financial life so much easier: Quicken–a personal finance and budgeting software.

That was years ago and I still use Quicken to track my finances to this very day.  I use it to keep track of income, expenses, investments, payments, net-worth, and budgets. I also use it to reconcile my bank and credit card statements every month. Read more

Nearly Inflated My Lifestyle with a Tesla

Tesla Model S

You know, it wasn’t long ago that I stumbled upon the current concept of financial independence and early retirement (FIRE). I, like most of you, became familiar with FIRE through great bloggers like Mr. Money Mustache (MMM), JLCollins, and others.

I came across these blogs serendipitously when I was contemplating what would have been the largest (non-real estate) purchase I’ve ever made: a car. I mean it’s a really nice car. But Read more